Meet Gunther VI, The Billionaire Dog With Mind-Blowing Wealth, Plans To Sell Its House For $31.75 Million

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The latest billionaire in town is now a German Shepherd, Gunther VI, after inheriting million of dollars that were passed down to it by its great grandfather.

The dog is estimated to be worth $500 Million and living in a Miami mansion with several properties scattered around the world.

The dog is the offspring of a pet known as Gunther III that inherited a huge fortune from its owner, a German countess Karlotta Liebenstein who passed in 1992.

The great grandfather of Gunther VI is said to have inherited the huge sum of money about 30 years ago when its owner willed it.

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A group of handlers has since been guarding the fortune for decades to ensure that only the Gunther bloodline enjoys the wealth in their life with great comfort.

Some of the wealth is said to have been used to buy a home and is currently up for sale for 31.75 million.

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