Meet Holy Diamond, the Ghanaian barber who shaves every part of the human body ( video)

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It has become a common phenomenon for Ghanaian nationals to be  successful abroad.

Countries have different rules for immigrants to abide by. One of such people is Prince Amponsah, otherwise known as Holy Diamond, a professional barber in Amsterdam.

Holy owns and operates “Holy Diamond” a barbering salon in Amsterdam.

His craft is very much appreciated among the Ghanaian fraternity with lots of celebrities employing his services whenever they go to Amsterdam.

He revealed unlike Ghana, his craft isn’t limited to only haircuts, he said “we can deal with hair on any part of the body including the private parts”.

He confessed life abroad wasn’t bad if the right means is used. He therefore advised the youth particularly to desist from employing foul means of traveling.

He also asked people not to subject themselves to torture and inhumane treatment in some extremist countries.

Watch the full interview below;

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