Meet The Ghanaian Teacher Using His Salary To Make An Impact In The Lives Of Pupils

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There’s still faith in humanity and if you doubt that, this beautiful story of a Ghanaian teacher who’s touching the lives of his students, should restore your faith.

A popular pupil’s teacher, Michael Owusu Afriyie, who is popularly known as Teacher Kwadwo has started an initiative of sewing new school uniforms for 18 pupils every month and in a Facebook post he shared, he’s revealed it’s something he will be doing for a very long time.

Teacher Kwadwo who is popularly for his ability to cut several scenes from celebrity interviews and blends them with his own videos to deliver funny videos on Social media has won the heart of the internet with his kind gesture.

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According to him, although he’s not rich, he wants to affect the lives of students and he’s decided to use the money he earns as a teacher and also that from his funny videos to help sew the school uniforms.

His full Facebook post read;

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Piaaaawwwww…is this not beautiful?????

Well, these are 18 pupils from the School I teach Akrofuom D/A Primary in the Adanse South district.
I have taken it upon myself to help the students so every month I sew new uniforms for 18 pupils in the school. 
These are my 1st batch as you can see all of them are wearing new uniforms.

I am not a millionaire.I use the money I earn from my Teacher Kwadwo videos and my salary as a teacher to do all these. Just for the LOVE and with the HELP of Almighty God.

Many of you might ask why I do not use the money to buy myself a property first.
Yes,property is important but seeing these needy children “SMILE” is the bigest property I seek on this earth.

I will be glad if people can come on board to help me make this project a bigger one because I want to help every needy child in Ghana not just my school Pupils as far as school is concerned.May God bless each and everyone willing and surely ready to help(donate). Inbox me if you wish to donate.

God bless you all. Dnt forget to remember me in your prayers. Piaaaawwww???

Nyame nsa wom????

His pupils look excited in their new uniforms and it fits each and every one perfectly, unlike those big one’s government has been giving to students in the name of free uniforms.

Micheal is looking at all not affecting lives at only those at his school, but several students across the country and is calling on anyone who can in anyway help extend a helping hand.

He even warmed our heart when he said; “Many of you might ask why I do not use the money to buy myself a property first. Yes,property   is important but seeing these needy children “SMILE” is the bigest property I seek on this earth.”

SHARE this story if you love what he’s doing. We can all affect someone’s life in our own small way.

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