Meet The Young Man Who Went From Selling Banku And Soup To Become A Valedictorian In UCC (+ Photos)

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No one is useless! Admit that! Given the right environment and tender loving care, every viable seed will germinate, grow and bear fruits as this has been the story of a budding Ghanaian scholar, Mivheal Teye Tetteh known among his colleagues as “TT”.

The truth is, whoever knows the beginnings of Mivheal Tetteh from selling banku and soup, to roasting maize and plantain amongst others, comparatively will be convinced beyond doubt that indeed, there is a vast difference between ones origin vis-a-vis achievement.

From not a well-to-do family in reference to finance, Mivheal with a burning desire to achieve success, did not allow his background interrupt him. As unique as his name, Mivheal was recognized as a valedictorian at the just ended 52nd congregation in University of Cape Coast.

For the purpose of clarity, a valedictorian in academia is simply a student with the highest overall grade point average in their graduating class. Most valedictorians obtain an unweighted GPA of at least 3.9/4.0.

With this, it tells you that Mivheal Teye Tetteh is one “brainbuster” or if you like a chap with an active medulla oblongata that Ghanaians should watch out for in the field of academia.

As a reminder, Mivheal Teye Tetteh, a native of Krobo Odumasi in the Eastern Region, attended West Africa Senior High where he won several awards such as best student in Literature amongst others.


He speaks fondly of his church Calvary Baptist Church, Adenta which supported him in his line of university education. Despite being an extremely intelligent young man, he also participated in football, soccer, debates, dancing amongst others at church and at school.

His mantra has always been: “Where determination exists, failure cannot dismantle the flag of success”.

To the upcoming young ones, he says: “your unfavorable background should serve as a springboard to the favourable height you see yourself!” No excuses!

See photos of The Valedictorian, Mivheal Teye Tetteh below;

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