Melissa Baker; Who Is Dusty Baker Wife?

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Dusty Baker wife is surely a woman he adores so much, but what do we know about Melissa Baker who is the wife of the famous MLB coach and former player?

In this feature, we shall look at who Dusty Baker wife, Melissa Baker is.

For a man, having a lovely woman around is as important as any other thing, if it is not the most important–and to have a supportive wife is everything every man desires.

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That said, let’s look at who Dusty Baker wife, Melissa Baker is, shall we?

Melissa Baker, Dusty Baker wife

Melissa Baker
The Bakers

Melissa is an American celebrity wife socialite and homemaker who hails from San Francisco, USA.

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Melissa found fame when she got married to the famous Baker in 1994.

Melissa was born on February 21, 1961, thus, she is aged 60 years.

Four years after their famous marriage in 1994, the Bakers gave birth to their son, Darren Baker, on February 11, 1999.

They currently have two children, their other child being Natosha Baker.

Melissa Baker education

As is the case for many other things about Dusty Baker wife, Melissa doesn’t have much information available about her educational journey apart from the fact that she a local university in San Francisco where she studied English.

Dusty Baker, Melissa Baker Husband

Dusty Baker
Dusty Baker

Not much is known about Dusty Baker wife, Melissa but a lot, certainly, is known of Baker.

So who is he?

Dusty Baker was born in Riverside, California on June 15, 1949.

Dusty is an American former baseball player and current manager.

Dusty was in the MLB as a player from 1968 to 1986.

After his retirement, Dusty earned his first managerial job with the San Francisco Giants in 1993.

He coached the Giants through 2002 before moving to the Cubs, then the Reds, then the Nationals and the Astros.

Melissa Baker Husband

At 72 years, and with Melissa around him, Baker is living quite a comfortable life after many years of sporting activity from playing the game to coaching others to play it.

In June 2003 he paid $589,000 for an undeveloped 5-acre plot of land in Granite Bay, California (near Sacramento).

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Over the next couple of years, he built what became a 9,000 square-foot mansion on a palatial estate that features multiple structures, enormous lawns, a basketball court and more.

Today this property is likely worth $5-6 million.

This is something Dusty Baker wife and children would find particularly very helpful as the man has them covered on all they need for a calm life out there.

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