Melonie Jenkins Biography, Career, Height, Net Worth and More

Melonie Jenkins was born on February 14, 1988 in Omaha,Nebraska in the United States of America to David A. Magee and Lori Jenkins. She was brought up alongside five siblings namely Nikko, Erica and the rest three.

His educational background

Melonie Jenkins educational background is still not known to the public. So up till now, we don’t know if Melonie is educated or not.

Melonie Jenkins career

Melonie Jenkins is not into any legal profession. It is assumed that Melonie is into various sorts of crimes since she is from a family invested in all kinds violent crimes.

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Trial and charges

Melonie was arrested in connection to her brother Nikko’s murder of four people in 2013. He was arrested due traced phone calls that she made to a particular woman involved in his brother’s murderous crime.

Their mother, Lori also called the woman several times within 24 hours. During another trial in 2014, Melonie and her mother denied threatening the woman. They said they only try to make her drop the charges.

Melonie later was released on bail for making terroristic threats before she got nabbed for trying to help her brother escape a crime he committed. However, she denied given assistance to his brother to cover up his crimes but only tried to prevent more killings.

Later, Nikko and Erica were arrested for their roles in the murder of Curtis Bradford. Some of the family members held a meeting at 52nd Street and Ames Avenue in an Aunt’s house.

Nikko and Erica confess their crime to Melonie and it was their little way of protecting her from the things to come which eventually came. Melonie Jenkins details.

The three children linked up with their mother and they got into separate cars since Erica could not shake off the fact that security personnel were on their trail. So, Lori and Erica were in one car and Melonie with Nikko also boarded another.

Previously, Melonie had been a juvenile in 2003 after she stole a car by the help of her sister Erica and another cousin. She was also guilty of felonious robbery in the year 2005

After many incidents, Melonie was set free. She’s a mother of three who are all below the age of seven before her arrest.

Melonie Jenkins relationship status

Though Melonie has three children, there is no record of her marriage or involvement in any romantic relationship with anyone. Currently, she’s single and enjoying her freedom life.

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Melonie Jenkins social media presence

Melonie Jenkins decided to stay away from the public so she is not active on any social media platforms till date.

Melonie Jenkins physical stats

Melonie’s physical appearance and actual height and weight in addition to her body measurements are still not available.

Melonie Jenkins net worth

There is no estimated net worth for Melonie since she didn’t disclose her income structures. And as she’s not into any legal profession, we can’t estimate her net worth too.


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