Mickey Loomis Net Worth; Check His Worth

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As the executive vice president and General manager of the NFL’s New Orleans Saints, he is thought to be earning quite a lot of money so what is Mickey Loomis net worth?

In this article, in addition to all of the other things that you will learn about him, Mickey Loomis net worth will be a very focal point here.

The days have come when people’s financial matters are discussed everywhere and whenever they get mentioned.

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It appears that when you mention any two influential persons these days and you try to compare their achievements, their financial capacities also feature prominently as fans sometimes use that to assert the superiority of their favourites over another person’s favourite.

For fans of Mickey Loomis, you get the opportunity to learn about his net worth in this article so that you can use that to support your arguments.

Apart from Mickey Loomis net worth which you want to learn about, there are quite a number of things about him that you may not have any information about but in this article, you get the opportunity to learn all there is to know about him.

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Who is Mickey Loomis? Let’s find out who he is here.

Mickey Loomis Net Worth: Biography

American football executive Loomis is the New Orleans Saints executive vice president and general manager at the moment.

Mickey Loomis was born in 1956 to parents Viola and Gerald Loomis in Eugene, Oregon, in the United States.

Educational Background

Mickey Loomis Net Worth
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After graduating from Willamette High School in 1974, Loomis went on to play basketball at Northwest Christian University in Eugene.

Later, he received a master’s degree in sports administration from Wichita State University and an undergraduate degree in accounting from the University of Oregon.

We have seen his early beginnings and educational background but what is Mickey Loomis net worth?

His net worth was earned from his career in sports, but how did things start for him?

Let’s take a look at his career.

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Career Beginnings

Mickey Loomis career has always been in administration in the NFL, where he was, at some point, named the NFL executive of the year.

It tells you that he knows what he is doing.

His time with the New Orleans Saints where he rose to become their general manager did not begin today as he has been with them for more than a decade and helping them to achieve things that no one thought they achieve.

Loomis worked with the Seattle Seahawks for 15 years prior to joining the Saints.

Loomis joined the Saints in 2000, and in 2002 he was appointed general manager.

He was with the Saints when they had to evacuate to Baton Rouge following Hurricane Katrina, and he assisted in the team’s subsequent rebuilding, which culminated in its victory in Super Bowl XLIV.

As he was helping to build teams, Mickey Loomis net worth was also taking shape.

Mickey has proven to be a versatile manager as also served as the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans’ director of basketball operations from 2012 to 2019.

So what is Mickey Loomis net worth?

Let’s find out now.

Mickey Loomis Net Worth

Mickey Loomis

As the General manager of the NFL’s New Orleans Saints, his salary is unknown but Mickey Loomis net worth is thought to be around $70 million.

For a man working as hard as he does, this is nothing more than he deserves.

Currently, Mickey Loomis and his family are residing in a six-bedroom house in the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Metairie.



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