Mike Sherm Real Name, Net Worth, Height

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In this day and age, young men like Mike have quite a lot of opportunities to make life comfortable for themselves, only if they are not lazy and look out for these opportunities. One young man who has found his feet and doing well in music is Mike; what is Mike Sherm real name, his net worth and height?

This article has more insight into the life and career of Mike Sherm, a young man who has taken advantage of the huge audience available on YouTube and Soundcloud to make a name for himself while also making quite a lot of money from them.

What is Mike Sherm real name?

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What have you heard about Mike Sherm?

If you have no idea who he is, he is a young influential man who has built a reputation for himself, one which you can earn a lot from.

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Follow this article on him and you will learn why he is popular.

Mike Sherm Biography

Mike Sherm net worth
Mike Sherm real name

Where and when was he born and what was life like when he was growing up as a child?

Mike Sherm is an American rap musician who gained popularity by posting his original music on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Mike Sherm grew up in Victoria, British Columbia after being born in Antioch, California on September 30, 1996.

There is not much information about his parents and siblings.

Do we know Mike Sherm real name?

We will find out if he has any.

His educational background and how things began for him, per reports, is not something that, upon reflection, he would be proud of.

He would have wished that things were different, but that is in the past now and he is on a new path to making sure that his family becomes proud of him for his exploits.

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Due to anger management issues, he was frequently suspended from school when he was younger. From the age of 10, he began writing rap lyrics as a method to express his rage and this turned up to be a full-time career from which he is benefiting now.

Does Mike have a real name?

What is Mike Sherm Real name?

Mike Sherm Real Name

Many have always asked about what Mike Sherm real name is but it does not appear that he changed his name as Mike Sherm real name remains what he is called now.

With just a handful of musical artistes maintaining their real names, it is not surprising that people think that Mike has also changed his name.

But it does not appear that the young rapper has changed his name so his real name remains Mike as there is none that we have found.

Net Worth

Mike Sherm net worth; how much is he worth? How much money has he made in his career so far?

Young Mike can be proud of himself that he is doing so well for himself.

Mike Sherm is considered to be wealthy, with a reported net worth of $800,000.

His net worth is not necessarily the highest but given that he is still building his career, it is only just a matter of time before he becomes worth more than is being quoted for him today.

You must publish video content of your tracks as an artiste.

Jackass, Hotboy, 100 Hoes, Henny, etc, are some of his songs that you can check out to have a feel of his talent.

Mike owns and operates the YouTube channel MikeSherm.

Well, having promised you everything about him, let’s discuss his height.


Mike Sherm real name
Mike Sherm real name

What is Mike Sherm height?

How tall is Mike?

The rapper stands at an extremely tall height.

He currently measures around 5 feet 10 inches tall.


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