Millionaire’s Son, Kennedy Osei Purchases $32,000 Car To Add To His Collection

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Although some people are of the view that living in Ghana, especially Accra is quite expensive, there is also a group of people who seem unfazed. Kennedy Osei, the first son of Osei Kwame Despite, a Ghanaian millionaire seems to be part of the latter.

He recently purchased a $32,000 Polaris Slingshot car in addition to the expensive fleet of cars that he owns. When Kennedy arrived at work in his freshly purchased red and black coated car, Fada Dickson, the Managing Director of Despite Media recorded a video of the car out of admiration, before also going on a test drive in it.

This three-wheeled vehicle is prohibitively expensive for the average person. However, it is not a shock that Kennedy was ably to purchase it, taking into consideration his family’s financial status.

Watch the video below:

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