Modern Christianity: Is it right for a female pastor to preach on the altar wearing crazy jeans?

A heated debate has erupted following a female pastor’s decision and choice to wear crazy jeans to preach on the altar.

Questions have been raised about the sacrilegious significance of Christianity where many are taught to put on attires that portray who they are and what God expects of them.

On the other hand, others think modern Christianity has made it possible for people not to be judged by what they wear or where they wear it to. For many, the presence of the Holy Spirit and mercy that came as a result of Jesus’s death and resurrection has rendered all questions about the choice of attire or a person’s outlook null and void.

“What you wear does not qualify or disqualify you before God, what lies in your heart is more important,” many have intimated.

Is that actually the case? Should a preacher in the modern world be allowed to wear anything to the altar and preach in it?

These are the back and forth on social media after photos of Pastor Preashea Hilliard dressed in crazy tattered jeans while preaching on the altar hit the internet. Preashea Hilliard is the daughter of Texas-based mega-church pastors Bishop I.V. Hilliard and Dr Bridget Hilliard, who is a contemporary gospel vocalist.

It’s hard to tell if she was a pastor at first glance, looking at her choice of attire, which looked like some casual wear for a walk on a Friday night out.

Should spirituality be more important than religiosity? That is the debate…

Damilola Commented: Yeah what’s wrong with that? Is that particular trouser ment for men?

Zubby Charles replied: Would have been better if it wasn’t that rugged. Some men are easily aroused sexually and on the event of this in a church? That ain’t good!

Jay Lech commented: They’ll tell u the heart is what matters. They’ll tell u, God sees the heart Been gay is ok Been polygamous isn’t ok This and that…las las na me be my own pastor

Jeph commented: This generation pays attention to nonsense. Trousers are clothes! A lot of times more comfortable than skirts! As long as she wasn’t revealing any private body parts, she’s good. Nothing wrong in her dressing tbh

Gideon Bonso wrote: The Sripture does not speak against the wearing of trousers for women. If your reference is on Deut 22:5 then what makes trousers a male garment ?

Falade replied: yeah the scripture didn’t categorically say women shouldn’t wear trousers but the point is we shouldn’t wear clothes that exposes our bodies. wearing trousers bring out the female shape or curves.

Crown commented: There’s nothing wrong with what she’s wearing. For crying out loud, Jesus blood is too expensive for wearing jeans by a woman to be wrong or that it will take her to hell, His blood is too expensive that we even call dread a sin. Even tattoos.

Blue commented: I av a problem with this,I also don’t have a problem with it The thing is I always say this,you don’t have to pretend to be sum1 who you are not.I hate it when pple dress holy to church,at the end of the day,they portray something else to the world The crazy jean is out of it sha



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