Moesha Lands In ‘Hot Pepper Soup’ As Someone Reveals Real Truth About The Mansion She Claims She’s Building

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Slay Queen, actress and husband sharer, Moesha Bodoung has landed in trouble after sharing a picture of an uncompleted building and suggesting on Social media that, its her property.

Yesterday, Moesha Bodoung shared an image of her standing in front of an uncompleted building on Instagram. She shared more videos and pictures on her Snapchat, thanking God for helping her to be able to start something on her own, but it turns out, she’s not the owner of the property yet.


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According to Instagram gossip, those_so_called_celebs who’s notorious for sharing exclusive gossips about celebrities, the daughter of the real owner of the apartment has tipped her off, that Moesha does not own the property and that it’s an uncompleted building that’s going for sale and has been available for a long time, with no buyer yet.

According to the source, Moesha was taken to the property by her sugar daddy, who had expressed interest in buying it for her but payment had not been made yet at the time of this post.

Moesha standing infront of the house

The property is selling for $150,000 and it has not been bought yet, but with Moesha flaunting her ass in the face of this anonymous sugar daddy, if she’s lucky, he might just sign the cheque for her, then she can actually be the full owner.

So for now, she’s not, we can all call the numer and go to the site as potential buyers and then take a picture—Herh our celebrities can give pressure oooo 🤭🤭

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