Money R!tu@l: Young man caught after digging a gr@ve in his room and attempting to b∪ry his victim alive [Video]

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A young Nigerian man has been caught after trying to bury his victim alive in the grave he had dug in his living room for money ritual purposes.

After digging the hole which took him some days to have his victim buried as part of the ritual processes, luck eluded the suspect as the victim escaped and alerted the neighbours.

The said incident is said to have happened at Ubomiri community, in the Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State on Thursday, January 6.

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A video shared on social media captures the big grave dug in his room in which he would have buried the young boy who was saved by God in the last minutes.

An eyewitness was heard in the video. below saying the man wanted to do the ritual because he wanted to buy a new car.

However, the Daily Post report reveals that the victim is a 14-year-old boy who lives in the neighbourhood.

The suspect reportedly invited the boy to his apartment for an errand. On arrival at his room, the unsuspecting young boy met him blaring loud music from his home theatre.

The Daily Post gathered that as soon as the young boy entered the room, the suspect jammed the door, hit him with a machete, and wanted to push the 14-year-old into the already dug grave.

The boy’s screams attracted neighbours who forcefully broke down the door and rescued him, before handing the ritualist over to the police.

Watch the video below;

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