“Most Gospel Songs Are Full Of Noise These Days; Given The Chance, I’ll Lash A Lot Of The New Gospel Musicians”-Helena Rhabbles

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One of Ghana’s renowned gospel musicians, Helena Rhabbles has said that most of the gospel songs these days are full of noise.

According to Helena Rhabbles, who spoke to Roman Fada on Atinka FM’s Drive Time show if she was to be given the opportunity, she’ll lash a lot of these new gospel musicians for making all the noise in the name of making gospel music.

According to her, it is important to go to God in prayer as the she says the Holy Spirit is a gentleman and understands our feelings.

To Helena Rhabbles, the outcome would be great if these new gospel musicians go to God in prayer to seek inspiration as the will be filled up.

She is of the opinion that if the songs they make do not appeal to God, they certainly won’t appeal to humans.

“ I will lash a lot of the new gospel musicians if given the opportunity because these days most of their songs are full of noise.

The Holy Ghost is a gentleman and he understands our feelings so if you go to him in prayers he will fill you up and the outcome will be great.

If your song does not appeal to God, then how can it appeal to humans,” Helena Rhabbles said.


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