Mother of little girl whose father sent her to a fetish priest for ritual purposes finally speaks (Watch)

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The mother of the young girl who was nearly sacrificed for rituals if not for the intervention of the fetish priest whose shrine she was taken to has spoken to reporters and added a new perspective.

The woman, Madam Evelyn suggested she and the businessman have separated but hold joint custody of their children. She said her former husband who has been living in Poland all this while usually comes for the child to spend some time with him when he returned to Ghana.

According to her, the man always discharges his responsibilities very well as he pays her school fees and recently threw a very big birthday party for her.

Minutes to the time he took her to the shrine, Evelyn said he came for her under the guise of taking her to a seamstress who will measure her for a new dress.

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Interestingly, the little girl informed her mom that she thinks her dad has an ulterior motive for his new request which they both laughed over.

Meanwhile, the herbalist/fetish priest had explained how things unfolded in a previous video that went viral hinged on the foregoing; “The girl’s father came to see me; he told me he just landed in the country after staying overseas for a while and it hasn’t been easy for him”.

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“He told me he is a father of 12 and is offering two of them for money rituals”.

“He offered me GHS 10,000 and other good surprises when the job is done. Sadly, he had just picked the daughter up during school hours and told her he was going to get her a new dress”, the herbalist narrated.

“Yes, I am a herbalist but I am also a military man. I am very disciplined. I don’t engage in any sinister activities. I want to prove to the world that herbalists are not as evil as they are painted. We are not killers as is portrayed in movies, we are healers. I have the little girl he brought for me to kill.”

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