Must Know: 7 Fake Things Ghanaian Celebrities Do To Trend & 12 Secrets About Their Lifestyle

The life of the Ghanaian celebrity is usually on an endless spiral to please fans, followers and admirers. In doing so, most of these celebrities paint a different picture of who they are.

Most of these celebrities have succeeded in hiding behind the cosmetic show of self-aggrandisement to spite their competitors, take a swipe at their rivals or/and buy the sympathy and support of their praise-singers.

In this edition of Celebrity Life and Facts, we are going to remove the cloak of deception that most Ghanaian celebrities have used to cover their fake lives to send an untrue unrealistic state of affairs of their lives to the outside world.

These celebrities or so-called famous people capitalize on the power of social media to live fake lives. They usually share posts that do not reflect their present state. Thye also formulates trends purposely to buy the attention of unsuspecting fans and to chase temporary fleeting clouts.

They do anything and go above and beyond themselves to create a social media world that is hinged on nonexistent luxury, riches and comfort…deceiving the public and scoring cheap social currency for themselves.

Do you think your favourite Ghanaian celebrity allows you to see whatever he/she is up to? Well, you need to stop and rethink how you view the lifestyle of celebrities. Remember, they are called celebrities for a reason. Never try to copy their lifestyle.

Caveat: This does not also mean all celebrities fake it. No, not at all. Some of these celebrities are living open and true lives but more often than not, those who fake it are the ones who make the most noise about everything.

Now, these are the 7 fake things Ghanaian celebrities do to trend



Most of the social media brawl and hostility aka “Beef” which celebrities use to wash their dirty linens in public and to drag each other is largely staged and fake. In most instances, these celebs plan out their so-called “beefs” in order to drive attention to themselves, a project they are embarking on or just to chase stay relevant in their respective industries.

Some celebs who feel they are slowly drifting out of the system reach out to the top ones to help them put together a beef with the aim to resurrect their dead careers or add a bit of revival to their diminishing fame.

Whatever the motivation, you need to understand as a fan, follower or netizen that whenever these celebrities are berating each other to the fancy and cheers of all, it is usually not as serious as they make it seem.

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At the end of the day, they go back to assess the results of their so-called beef, pat each other on the back for a good job while fans carry on with the remnants of the “beef” that was left on them. You need to understand that most of our Ghananain celebrities stage “beefs” for monetary or social benefits thus you always need to treat it with a pinch of salt until it gets to the Supreme Court…lol!

A typical example is the Medikal and Strongman beef and many other ‘beefs’ that come to mind.



You do usually see your favourite (sometimes not your favourite) celebrities posting photos they took on their trip to Malibu, Fiji, or Dubai. They get fans and followers to virtually experience the good life they seem to be enjoying. Most of these celebrities use these videos and photos to spite other celebrities and rivals; sending a clear message of “I have arrived.”

In most instances, they have not arrived at all. When you see these celebrities out there on trips and vacations to the most exotic and luxurious places, you need to take a pause and think about their source of funding and motivation. Why will a celebrity spend $25,000 just to spend 2 weeks in Paris?

Most of these trips and vacations are sponsored by third parties. Some of these third parties could be their sugar mummies or daddies, brands they have signed contracts with, a reward for winning an award, boyfriends or sometimes loans.

Yes, some of these celebrities borrow money from friends, families and financial institutions to fund their cosmetic show of grandeur on social media. Some travel just to prove to their competitors that they have got what it takes.

While as a fan you admire their posts, remember that they are sending shots to their rivals and satisfying their bruised egos. A typical example is Nana Aba Anamoah photoshopping a photo of herself at Old Trafford.

Therefore, you do not need to pick any inspiration from these posts from celebrities on trips and travels across the world; some call it tours…well, until you know their source of funding, regard everything you see as fake. Usually, they are.



The rich ones do not need to prove to anyone they are rich.

Beware of celebrities who flaunt their dollars, pounds and cedis on social media. Mostly, they do not own these monies or in most instances what you see is fake. Sorrily, fans have a preconceived thought about who they think their favourites are. Many perceive them to be wealthy based on what they allow you to see.

However, most of these celebrities who come online to brag about money and the number of bucks they have in the vault are usually fake and untrue. Do not fall for it.

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The real ones do not have any reason to show you how much money they have got. Some of these celebrities who do that are living in huge debt, and probably owing Qwikloan (to put it mildly).



Celebrities are very relatively loud people and like every donkey, they love to hear themselves bray. That is why a celebrity will post about the new houses he or she has acquired, the new car, the new that and that and that.

Why do you have to fall for it? It’s all gimmicks and social media antics employed by these fame-chasers to lure fans into their web of lies and deception.

Most of these celebrities are not actual owners of the properties they show online. It is either the property was bought for by someone out there or it simply belongs to somebody else.

But to chase clout and paint a nonexistent picture of pomp and glam, they upload these photos on social media with sugar-coated captions to fool fans and followers.

They do that to trend. Don’t fall for it.



Some celebrities are very good at faking accidents, illnesses and misfortunes. They come out to state they are either sick, have had an accident or a serious issue has hit them.

Usually, they do that to court public sympathy. An example is Shatta Wale faking that he had been shot and hospitalized. Meanwhile, he was out there trying to put out chilly information that got him to trend.

Another example is Funny Face. The comedian has been having a mental relapse where he has been threatening to take his life. It could be deduced that aside from the fact that Funny Face might be dealing with depression issues, it was a grand plan to get him to trend.

In most instances, until you have seen video evidence of what a celebrity says might have happened to him or her, you do not need to buy int to it. It is usually a corny scheme by these celebrities to trend and chase clout. Don’t be quick to sympathize by donating money or crying wolf on their behalf. Don’t fall for it.



Most female celebrities capitalize on their choice of attires to trend. They deliberately put on skimpy revealing dresses to get the world to talk about them.

Some of these celebrities play to the fancy of fans and social media users b posting nudes to get to trend. Because they know most people will fall for their antics, they play it so well. Since most Ghanaians are obsessed with nudes, twerk videos and revealing dresses, most of these female celebrities post them on the regular in order to trend.

Perfect examples are Efia Odo, Yaa Jackson, Shugatiti etc. When they feel that the attention on them is diminishing, they post these juicy mouth-watering photos or videos on their social media pages in order to get talked about and trend. Don’t fall for it.


Because the definition of success by many is by the value of the possession one has, most celebrities paint a different picture of reality to their fans and followers in order to trend or stay relevant. These celebrities do that very well by showing off on social media, posting their new cars, singing non-existent deals and travelling painstakingly across the world.

Celebrities who know how to play the fake-life game usually share regular updates on their social media pages because a delay might erode a portion of their bought fame and self-sense of relevance. Therefore, they fail to seek help when things are going south in their lives. Because they have given fans and followers a false sense of themselves, they find it difficult to come of that barricade of success they have built around themselves.

Most celebrities allow you to see the glitz and glam but hide their tears, emotional breakdowns and difficult times. They are usually battling with serious problems but feel too big to ask for help because they would be seen as poor and perhaps their standards will drop.

A typical example is Medikal. He claimed he bought a gold-plated watch at a huge fee but it turned out to be untrue.

Don’t fall for what you see most celebrities put out there. Mostly, what you see as success is different from reality.


11 Secrets About The Lives Of Ghana Celebrities

  1. Most Ghanaian celebrities are not as rich as their fans and followers think.
  2. Most Ghanaian celebrities are not as wise, knowledgeable, and exposed as they make you believe through their social media posts.
  3. Most Ghanaian celebrities live borrowed lives. Others are broke but could not admit it.
  4. Most celebrities are battling serious personal issues. Behind the laughter and smiles lie deep-seated challenges they are dealing with. Be fair to them.
  5. Most Ghana celebrities are not fit to be described as “celebrities”. But the system coupled with its people has given them an enviable status cheaply.
  6. Most celebrities live sponsored lives. Most of their trips, clothes and overall expenses are catered for by third-party organizations or individuals.
  7. Most Ghanaian celebrities do not make money solely from what you know them for. Most of them have side hustles which they use to support their daily lives.
  8.  The real celebrities barely are in the news.
  9. Most Ghanaian celebrities are attention-seekers and clout-obsessed. They will do anything to trend, be in the news and be the talk of the town.
  10. Celebrities are not superhumans. They are as basic as any ordinary person. Fame, success and money have given them a fair bit of an advantage over the crowd.
  11. Most celebrities are in completion with other celebrities. In most instances, female celebrities dress to spite their counterparts. Most of their social media posts are directed to their competitors and rivals.
  12. Most of these female celebrities project bodily shapes and curves that are not real.



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