My boyfriend abroad does not give me attention but I don’t like the men here – Lady

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Lady feeling lonely

My boyfriend abroad has no time for me but I don’t like the ones here, a 24-year-old lonely lady has confessed.

Seeking help, she wrote on Facebook that although her boyfriend who lived abroad gives her little attention, she feels the guys in her hood are just after her body.

She said that;

“I am 24 years old there’s this guy that I love but he’s outside the country, he doesn’t care about me or send money for my upkeep anytime I call him video call he will answer anytime he feels like picking waiting for him has been on my mind but I don’t think I can.

“The male friends that I have around all of them are just after my body. I feel so lonely inside, not in any serious relationship, I feel sad anytime I remembered it please advise me.

Ah well guys, let’s help her out then. I would love to read your advice in the comments section.

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