My GH₵50,000 h0t body is for rich men only – Kisa Gbekle warns broke men

Actress Kiss Gbekle has said that she spent a lot of money on plastic surgery to make herself look better, therefore, she’s willing to date rich men only. 

During an interview, Zionfelix asked her if she would date someone called “Papa No.” She said, “Yes.”

If you want to get rid of your belly fat, you can get a butt lift from Kisa Gbekle.

Her new look has made her a good candidate for a date again. A lot of people have found out that, in addition to her new body, she’s looking for a rich partner to go with it.

So many hours and money had been spent, she said. This means she wants to find a rich man who can match her body.

It doesn’t matter if she’s young or old. “As long as the person is calm, collected, and hefty, I’m fine with it,” said the woman.

When I think about it, “heavy” means “a lot,” and “pocket-wise” means “a lot.” I’ve done my whole body. It’s also not easy. The sum is a lot of money. That’s why I want to find someone with a lot of money.

GHc50,000 surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, was chosen by Kisa Gbekle because it was the best place for her.



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