“My girlfriend dribbled me”–Emotional Adebayor says after learning his girlfriend had a sugar daddy after all the money he gives her

Adebayor has mentioned that, he was dribbled by his girlfriend and so he can't do it anymore!!

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In what has become a funny and sad story as told by former EPL player, Emmanuel Adebayor, people are actually wondering what Dillish Mattews was actually looking for in the relationship.

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Adebayor and Dillish have always had some kind of on-off relationship but this time around, Adebayor has announced that he’s done for good.

In our earlier story, we shared how Adebayor learned that the old man his girlfriend introduced to him as her “rich uncle” was actually her sugar daddy and has been servicing her.

A shocked Adebayor after learning that, in one of his posts, added’ “#DillishDribbledAdebayor”

Adebayor hashtagged this post #DillishDribbledAdebayor”

Yes, “Dilliish has dribbled Adebayor” people and it’s so hilarious when you think about it–I mean he’s the player here but a woman literally dribbled his damn balls.

In a subtle reaction by Dillish on her Instagram story, she claimed she’s “Cristiano Ronaldo”.

Dillish Mattews, Adebayor’s now ex-girlfriend who dribbled him.

Okay, she didn’t exactly call herself that, but a friend of hers called her Cristiano Ronaldo after Adebayor’s post and she thought it wise to share that video which means she agrees.

Well, she’s soo beautiful and probably feels she got to give other people a chance because after all, she’s not married and can’t keep all her eggs in one basket.

Dillish Mattews
Dillish Mattews


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