My man’s sister and I did ashawo together – Lady expresses fear as wedding draws nearer

A Nigerian woman is about to get married, but her predicament could prevent the event from happening.

She admitted in a post she probably shared with an online counsellor that the sister to her potential husband and she run a ‘hookup’ together and now she feels intimidated by her.

The woman claims that although her wedding is scheduled for December, she is terrified that her sister-in-law will reveal their secret.

”I’m wedding by Dec and I’m threatened by his sister cos we once run hookup together”, she wrote.

Meanwhile, an interesting twist in the events that happened when a Nigerian woman came from Dubai to surprise her best friend has become topical in the grapevine.

The young lady wanted to attend her introduction in Nigeria because she and her best friend hadn’t spoken in three years.

She documented the time she enplaned from the United Arab Emirates in a buoyant mood only for the anticlimax to set in when she arrived in Africa’s most populous country.

It was intended to be a happy occasion for everyone concerned, but when she learned that her friend was being married to her boyfriend, the scenario transitioned from bliss to tragedy.

She added that while she was in Dubai, she learned that they already share a two-year-old child.



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