TikTok challenge gone wrong, nurse lands in hot waters after joke about dealing with sick people was misunderstood

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A video of a young girl saying in her local dialect that her incompetence and negligence will put the lives of her patients in serious jeopardy because her parents forced her to be a nurse against her will has been shared online.

The girl as seen in the video shared herein said she never wanted to be a nurse in the first place but her parents forced the profession down her throat and now the repercussions will be felt by anyone who visits her at the hospital she will be posted to if she completes her education.

In the video shared, she said “ I don’t want to be a nurse but my family said I should study nursing, soon I will start working, so any patient who comes to meet me should run away or I kill them.”

The fact of the case is that she took part in a challenge that was meant to translate the automated voice on TikTok to her local language and ended up saying those words.

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In effect, everything the video portrayed was meant to be a joke but she has completely been misunderstood and misinterpreted as people do not want to find the humour in the statement.

Since the video surfaced online, she has duly apologised and asked for forgiveness after she was clearly misconstrued.

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In other news previously shared on www.Ghbase.com, a lady from Cameroon bearing a striking resemblance to Ghanaian screen silver goddess Jackie Appiah is presently the most dominant discourse monopolising the internet.

The doppelganger has been identified as Cilia Mbuntum. We could pardon you if you think she and Jackie are identical twins separated by birth.

What’s more, she has so much energy aside from the incredible features she shared with the multiple award-winning superstar.

Fans of Jackie Appiah have fallen in love with her and have unanimously concluded that indeed she looks so much like their icon if the threads of comment we have seen so far are anything to go by.

Cilla’s beautiful eyes, full cheeks and jawline are the features that make her resemble Jackie.

Her smile and mannerism also mimic Jackie. Check out the videos we have shared herein to make your own evaluations.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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