My Wife Trusts Me And She Knows I Won’t Do Anything To Offend Her – Medikal Praises Fella Makafui For Accepting His collabo With His Ex

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When the new Cold and Trophy music video by Ghanaian rapper Medikal and his ex-girlfriend Sister Derby was released, it completely took over the internet.

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Several people were surprised by the song because the duo abruptly split up before Medikal wed actress Fella Makafui in 2020.
The Omo Ada hitmaker has now put to rest allegations that he has divorced Fella Makafui two weeks after the song was released, which is why he had the guts to include Sister Derby.

Nonetheless, the rapper said that Fella Makafui, his wife, had approved.

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He said that while fans were susceptible to clickbait, Fella Makafui was aware of it from the beginning.

“My wife was cool, and I told her I want to do that. She was like this guy. She knows I am stubborn and I do the right thing. It’s normal with women, but she knows the type of person I am, and I am just doing business,” he explained.

According to Medikal, collaborating with Sister Derby gave him the numbers.

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“I mean she is not a bad person or evil, so we only linked up for the music video. The song is Cold and Trophies, and it’s on my Planning and Plotting interlude.”

Two weeks ago, the song ‘Cold & Trophies’ was released in two parts, the first of which featured Medikal performing alone and the second of which featured Sister Derby performing together.

Sister Derby posted a little excerpt of the song along with the caption “Bestie stuff” on her Instagram feed.
Although being a devoted supporter of her husband, Fella Makafui chose not to publicly acknowledge their work together, which sparked a lot of rumors, especially when she published some posts of herself on the day of the release.

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Nevertheless, Medikal claimed that people read too much into his and Fella Makafui’s posts.

He said they frequently assume the wrong things and added that he and his wife are OK.


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