Mzbel, Pastor Amoateng CLASH Over Mmebusem’s Local Jesus Comedy Skits

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Mmebusem, real name Justice Hymns is still making headlines for his local Jesus comedy skits which has attracted plaudits and condemnation in equal measure.

Some notable pastors, including Pastor Brian have spoken passionately against his so-called creativity, describing it as blasphemy.

Pastor Brian, who is also doubles as the founder of the International Youth Summit (IYES) asked the Christian Youth in the country not to sit unconcerned for their God to be mocked.

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“Enough of this nonsense. I don’t support this….Christian Youth of Ghana, our God cannot be mocked in the name of comedy” he wrote.

However, songstress cum radio presenter Mzbel has disagreed with the pastor and any other Ghanaians who have lashed out at Mmebusem for his harmless comedy skit.

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According to a post she made on Zion Felix’s Instagram page, she said Ghanaians should allow Jesus Christ to fight his own fight if its a mockery against him.

She posted thus; “If this is truly a Mockery let Jesus fight his own fight! Leave Mmebusem alone ah!”


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