MzVee expresses interest to date Shatta Bandle but a cost (Screenshot)

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Ghanaian singer, Mzvee has expressed her interest to be the newest internet sensation, Shatta Bandle’s girlfriend but at a cost. Yes, at a cost.

In this our modern world, it has become the norm for people with wealth to get any kind of woman they want and it best defines the saying that everything in this world has a price tag.

Most women are always the victims when it comes to luring them with money just to lay with them or get the latest gadgets for their use sometimes no matter affluent or rich they may be.

Shatta Bandle’s exploits in the past few months have been overwhelming considering the opportunities that keep coming his way.

He’s been featured in a music video by former PSquare member Rudeboy in his song titled ‘Audio Money’

Mzvee who has seen the exploits of Shatta Bandle over the past few weeks on social media after flaunting his pieces of jewellery, cars, mansions and businesses have decided to bid in becoming Shatta Bandle’s first celebrity wife.

In a post on social media, Mzvee disclosed that she will date Shatta Bandle at a ridiculous cost Shatta Bandle himself has been mentioning in his videos.

In the post, MzVee wrote:

“Who’s girlfriend?? Shatta bundle??? I only want 50,000 million billion US DOLLARS! .”

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