Nana Aba Anamoah Finally Went To The UK To Watch Manchester Match & TV3 Sponsored It?

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Ghanaians have a great sense of humor, but not many have a better understanding of what humor is all about. When the Ace broadcast Journalist, Nana Aba Anamoah posted a photoshopped photo of herself in a stadium which suggested that she was at a Manchester United Match, I felt she just wanted to give her followers something to laugh about, unfortunately for the girl, it just didn’t go well as planned and people attributed it to photo theft.

Ofcourse, she knew people would find out if she was lying, so why would she do that, especially when she’s a big celebrity. That picture she posted inundated social media, with people making their own mockery versions, editing her into past events, such as the day Ghana had independence, when the first man landed on the moon, the last supper and a whole lot.

I must admit, it was very funny reading all the tweets from people with the hashtag, “NanaAbaWasThere”. Everyone kept talking about that picture so much that, her employer suspended her, because according to them, her behavior tinted their image.

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It brought back nolstagic feeling, when I heard she had been suspended. I mean, how could they have suspended Nana Aba, especially when she has defended the station several times. I bet Nana Aba was never suspended back in High school, and that suspension by her employers was her first time.

Her suspension alone even also became a trend as radio stations kept talking about it, calling authorities to find out if what she did truly demanded a suspension. Blogs and websites, couldn’t stop writing about it, reminding us of all the people who have lost their jobs around the world because of what they did on Social Media.

Then, we had people who for some reason, wanted their handles to known starting tweeting #BringBackNanaAba. I must say, some were genuine, while others, were also just tweeting so as to get some 2 or 3 followers with  Nana Aba’s name in the new trend.

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Now, in spite of all the ridicule, it didn’t break Nana Aba, because, that suspension indeed helped her in a way. She realized how popular she was, when Ghanaians took her supposed to be satire photo so serious and when they kept talking about her just because she has been suspended.

In my honest opinion, Nana Aba is not the type, anyone should shed tears for just because she has been suspended. She has so many loyal followers and suspension got her bank account fatter.

Yeah! Her account got fatter after you ridiculed her so much that, she had to be suspended. You would be surprised to know the big men, who know her and wouldn’t mind paying her 3 times what she was paid at TV3.

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Let’s move away from that. Nana Aba in her quest to prove to people that, she can easily afford to go watch any Manchester United game, flew to England to watch the Red Devils match against Manchester City-Something, you could probably never do for your team in your whole life…

The photos this time on Twitter are real and everyone can agree that, indeed she was present there this time around. I have observed people making mockery that, she had to use her 3 month salary to go watch that match.

This tells you how broke we are as a country, that people find it Impossible to believe that, she had money to go watch a match in Derby.

Well, maybe we are not thinking the other way! What if Nana Aba’s trip to watch the Big game, was sponsored secretly by TV3, as a way to pamper her? You would recall that, Nana Aba had mentioned recently that, she was still with TV3, when rumors started mounting that, she was moving to GHone, soon to become Starr Tv, as the station has been bought.

Well, TV3 can do anything to win back Nana Aba, as they have realized, she’s a big name for their brand and from what I gather, they paid for her trip to England, because it’s time to lift the suspension on her head.

A source hinted to me that, Nana Aba was reluctant when she was called back and made a condition to be fulfilled before starting work again and that her employer had no option than to sponsor her trip.

So, now that I have given you the gist, you can now understand, why she was present at the stadium. See photos of her present at the stadium

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