Nana Akufo Addo is doing well, the system is working under him- Paul Adom Otchere angers Ghanaians

Despite the hardship Nana Akufo Addo has visited on Ghanaians and growing disaffection for him and his government, Paul Adom Otchere is still flaunting his partisan journalism by insisting the president is doing extremely well.

Taking to his regular place on the popular Good Evening Ghana show, Paul is heard saying;

“We can’t stop crisis from coming. How we judge you is how you manage the crisis. That is very important. We have major issues.

The cedi is worst performing currency after that of Sri Lanka. In that process, the government has paid COLA. The government is feeding students. The schools are still being fed and government is paying the school fees of students. All of these government payments are going on in a period of such severe economic crisis,” he asserted.

He further urged Ghanaians to heap plaudits on the country’s economic management for keeping the economy afloat despite the country’s precarious circumstances.

“We have to stop and think that the managers of the economy might be doing something right. In an unstable situation, the government has kept the light on and roads are being done. We are all suffering so it’s very easy to overlook this.

NHIS has been expanded to cancer treatment for children. You have to give them credit. ”From 2013 to 2015, there was no crisis but now we have this huge crisis and our lights are still on. Nurses and doctors are being employed, and teachers are being paid,” he noted.

Paul on his program, also sang the government’s praise while mentioning several government initiatives that are still running despite the current adversity, “The system is working,” he emphasised.



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