Nana Yaa Brefo’s Exit – What Are We Getting Wrong?

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I was strolling on the streets of Facebook and suddenly found this picture of Nana Yaa Brefo which suggested she’s resigned from Multimedia Group Limited specifically Adom TV. I rushed to her IG page to see if it was true. Yes! She has quitted from Multimedia. Whiles, I was contemplating about what may have happened, I saw the same picture of her on Kofi Adoma’s page. In other to know the “why” of her resignation I checked from the comments.

I didn’t know what was going on because others were insulting her for her bad TV manners whiles others were equally wishing her well. I equally saw Nana Ama McBrown’s name and a said interview which could have caused Nana Yaa’s resignation so I continued to YouTube to watch the interview. Lo and behold, I found the video under a caption “Nana Yaa Brefo stupid interview with Nana Ama McBrown”.

I watched it. It wasn’t the best of her. I agree she messed up and equally left a comment there. All this while, a thought was running through my mind. If she was dead, would we have insulted her as much? That wasn’t even my problem but how many of us insulting her for “always being like that on TV” have ever sent her a note or message to her about her “unprofessional” way of handling her panellist and interviewees?

All along, people suggested they can now watch their favourite TV – Adom because “the Marigyata” is gone. When she prevented you from watching it, did you inform her of that her specific character that bored you? People who appear on TV, actors/actresses, on comedy stage and those behind the console on the radio are prone to make stupid mistakes easily. It takes grace and loyal fans to put them on track.

Interestingly, most presenters both on TV and radio consider their audience first and hence dance to the tune of their drum because they are the major stakeholders of media consumption. Ghanaians, (all of us) are so poor at feedback. Although I know there are arrogant media personnel, that shouldn’t be a yardstick not to correct others. The comedy industry has equally suffered this behaviour from us for a long time – Teacher Kwadwo, Comedian Warris, OB Amponsah, MJ Thecomedian, DKB, etc.

Haven’t you seen a presenter who is loud on set but shy and meek in real life? Haven’t you heard people say some media personnel, comedian, movie actor, politician, etc. don’t appear like they are on TV and radios? Yes, whenever you hear that, thank the celebrities because they consider you first in their presentation.

Let’s learn to give feedback to our favourite TV presenters, actors, comedians, bloggers, politicians, pastors and everyone we love to have around us. Don’t wait for them to goof and get ousted before you talk about their mistakes.

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