National Cathedral fundraiser: Diana Hamilton only received something for fuel – Manager

Diana Hamilton’s manager says she didn’t ask for money for her performance at a Kumasi fundraiser a few years ago.

David Ennin, the gospel artist’s manager, said on Metro TV that they were handed ‘fuel’ money. He explained that the money given was occasioned by the delay of the program.

“Diana performed in Kumasi when they did the Ashanti Regional one (National Cathedral fundraiser). We have a category of appreciation for artistes.

“When you say artistes were paid, does it mean that the artist charged or they were appreciated because as far as I know, we didn’t charge.

“I think they appreciated us, but that one I can’t disclose [the amount], and it was not anything that is close to any charge. That one we didn’t charge. Diana Hamilton performed, but she didn’t charge. But I quite remember; I think they gave something for what she did.

“We stayed for long because the program delayed and so after everything, I think they gave something for our fuel and whatever. That is what I can say. But on authority, we didn’t charge because there was no negotiation,” he said.

However, multiple media sources say fundraising performers were paid GH30,000 apiece.

Sonnie Badu has debunked allegations that he got $50,000 for his performance at the US National Cathedral benefit.




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