“NDC Youth Should Be Demanding The Resignations Of The Entire Party Leadership Now Over The Injunction Of The NDC MP-Elect for Assin North,” Mustapha Hameed

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Clarification: Mustapha Hameed is a lecturer at the Department of petroleum engineering at the KNUST and not the Minister for Zongo Development.

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News broke earlier today of an injunction against the swearing-in of the MP-elect for the Assin North Constituency over issues regarding dual citizenship where the MP-elect is said to have citizenship of another country.

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Mustapha Hameed

The injunction was granted in a case filed by one Michael Ankomah-Nimfa of Assin Bereku who claims Mr Quayson holds dual citizenship of Ghana and Canada.

Reacting to the situation, the lecturer and a staunch member of the New Patriotic Party believes the NDC youth should by now be demanding the resignations of the entire leadership over what he called “wanton corruption” because he could not understand why they knew what would eventually happen and went ahead to clear him to contest the elections.

According to Mustapha Hameed, the NDC’s leadership ought to apologise to their followers, especially the youth for the incompetence they exhibited in matters relating to the 2020 general elections.

He added that the NDC’s director of elections, Ofosu Ampofo was more interested in deadly operations against his opponents while neglecting something as fundamentally critical as collating results on time.

Mustapha Hameed said this in a long Facebook post in reaction to the court injunction on Richard Quayson from being sworn into the 8th parliament which is set to be done tomorrow.

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Mustapha Hameed with Kofi Ofosu, the Director of Accra Digital Center

He wrote this;

“If the youth front of the NDC was manned by any serious persons, they should by now be demanding the resignations of the entire party leadership.

What happened to the NDC in Assin North is a product of wanton corruption in the party without a doubt.
Party leadership in Assin North, Regional and National headquarters were aware of the dual citizenship issue. Yet, for reasons best known to them, decided to turn a blind eye to the glaring dangers ahead, to allow James Quayson to contest.
Why not? Who’ll disqualify a man with dollars? They were aware of the repercussions, but they also knew, that they have a very gullible following they can easily manipulate into believing the verdict was stolen, a base they can easily incite against state institutions even in the face of clear incontestable facts.
The leadership of the NDC owes its followers, especially its youth an apology for the gross incompetence with which it handled matters related to the 2020 elections. Clearly, the NDC is the only party that hasn’t picked anything or learnt any lessons from the 2012/2013 election petition.
Ofosu Ampofo as election director could not collate the results of 2016, but it was easier to convince the footsoldiers that Joe Anokye and the NPP stole the elections than to confront the challenges, so as to avert any chaos from the party base.
In 2020, Ofosu Ampofo was more interested in deadly operations against his opponents while neglecting something as fundamentally critical as collating results on time. He’d rather invest resources in discomforting his opponents rather than building robust systems that help in the efficient collation of results.
Again, no respect for the party base because it is easier to blame Jean Mensah than speak to the real issues.
One day, the youth of the NDC will get to realize that they’ve been part of a grand charade. They’ve been part of a grand circus, just that all along, they’ve been playing the role of clowns while leadership watched, entertaining themselves to the clownery.
But then, it’ll be too little, too late.”
Photo credits: Mustapha Hameed, from his Facebook wall.


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