Netizens Follow Dr Bawumia’s Advice By Buying Fuel And Cooking With Ghana Card

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Following the speech by the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Dr. Bawumia yesterday at the Accra Business School, netizens have taken on a new crazy trend.

The Vice President in his speech attempted to drive home the importance of the Ghana card and the impact it has had on Ghanaians since its inception.

In this quest, the veep said if he is asked to make a choice between the Ghana card and 1,000 road interchanges, he would choose the latter.

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Netizens have since been reacting his claim to choose roads of an identity card.

The netizens understood his point to mean the Ghana card can do anything and they have began demonstrating that.

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The Ghana has been trending on twitter as a result of the craze.

Some netizens are seen attempting to pay for their purchases with the Ghana card.

Some shared pictures in which they are seen trying to use their Ghana cards to fill their fuel tanks.

Others have also put the card in their plates as food with a cutlery set ready to devour it while some event went to the extent of attempting to cook the card in saucepans.
See some of the scenes below:

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