Netizens left speechless after video of heavily pregnant woman undergoing chemical bleaching emerged online

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Mixed feelings have been expressed in the footage of a severely pregnant woman who had chemical bleaching despite her condition.

A social media video was made of the time a pregnant woman through the difficult procedure of having her skin toned to a lighter colour than it was.

Applying several purportedly natural chemicals to the body in stages during the so-called “glow bath” method results in lighter skin immediately.

The pregnant woman in question had skin-bleaching surgery despite her vulnerable condition. The video is still attracting responses and we guess you could add your opinion to the discourse when you come across the thread on Instagram.

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Also trending on this online portal is the story of Bobrisky who was buried under heaps of insults for claiming recently he experienced cramps and might be expecting his monthly menstruation in consonance with her crossdressing and occasional transgender cloak of identity he has taken upon himself.

The socialite and self-professed Barbie, who has always identified as a woman, posted on his Instagram page to express his regret about feeling pain during his regular monthly period.

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While some people have shown sympathy for him, others have claimed that the crossdresser is ridiculing the pride of women.

He had previously claimed that he has been eating a lot of sugary things because of the agony he is suffering.



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