Netizens not happy with conduct of female university student ‘doing it’ live with course mate in lecture hall- Watch 

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Netizens are not happy with two lovers who blatantly engaged in intimacy in broad daylight in the full glare of other students.

In the video has been widely condemned, the student while lectures were over or probably about to commence, had their own way cunningly in a manner no one could suspect from afar.

The lady hopped onto the man’s lap while he was seated on a chair and he quickly shifted her undies aside in a way he could have access to her private part.

She then started riding him slowly, albeit cautiously in order not to attract prying eyes.

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From what we gathered from the grapevine, the ‘live action’ occurred at one of Ghana’s most well-known institutions.

The tweet that first shared the video claimed it happened at the Accra Technical University (Accra Polytechnic) but we can’t authoritatively vouch for this information.

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She shared the video writing;

“Second sextape drops as a female student of Accra technical University can be seen riding her course mate in a classroom😲🤦”



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