New Christabel Ekeh Has Gone ‘Mad’ Again (Watch Video)

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Ghanaian/Nigerian actress, Christabel Ekeh somewhere last year set social media ablaze with her nude pictures of different shades. As a result, most people attributed her weird attitude to mental illness.


But according to the actress, those nude photos depict her new brand and it should be something her fans and family shouldn’t bother about it. In addition, Christabel Ekeh this year admitted that releasing those nudes form part of her personal achievement in life and promised Ghanaians to watch out for “New Christabel Ekeh”.

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Meanwhile, the new Christabel Ekeh as promised by the actress isn’t encouraging on African moral grounds as her current portraits upload on social media has been nude oriented. Perhaps the new brand is geared towards exposing her body to the world.

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In a video on Instagram, the actress is seen dressed looking kinky in her latest photoshoot; an exhibition of her love for exposing some private parts of her body to the world.


Watch Christabel Ekeh’s raunchy video below:


Below is the Instagram raunchy post.

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