New Evidence Suggests Akosua Sika, The Girl Who Was Set Up & Beaten Has A Boyfriend

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A story of a young girl, identified as Akosua Sika on Facebook has become the talk of Social media after a video of her being beaten by another girl and her squad inundated the social media space.

We shared the video here on and told you that, a guy in an attempt to prove to his girlfriend that, he was faithful and loyal to her, set up this young girl, Akosua Sika by asking her to come visit him when she asked him for money for food.

According to the girl’s narration of what happened, she agreed to go visit the guy because she wanted to ‘test’ him if indeed he was serious about the feelings he said he had for her. Apparently, she had asked him for money for food and the guy asked him to come visit him at home, so he gives her the money and that was when the beating began–I believe you catch the drift now.

Akosua Sika

While several others are sympathising with this young girl, a cross-section of people on Social media feel that she deserved what happened to her because those who are close to her say that she has a boyfriend who takes care of her, so what was her business in another guy’s house in the name of wanting money for food.

In a screenshot that was shared, it shows her boyfriend in a pool with her and in that screenshot, the boy was telling his friend that, the girl (Akosua Sika) is her girlfriend.

It even turns out Criss Waddle is surprised at the turn of events and has also added that yes indeed, the girl is the girlfriend of his friend.

Well, some girls can never stop cheating huh? If you have a boyfriend who takes care of you, why ask another guy you barely know for money?

It’s sad that she got beaten but I feel she could have avoided all of that. You don’t just ask for money from a guy you just met on Social media.

(Yeah, we can ask for help from people when necessary but in this case that you have a boyfriend who takes care of you, it’s wrong to ask another guy who has expressed interests in you for money)

See the screenshot below:


Criss Waddle’s version of the story

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