New Short Story- A Great Trepidation

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I’M CAUGHT IN BETWEEN TWO WORLDS. Slowly its dawned on me that I have to face reality. I expect to be boomeranged into my early stages of life- a baby once more- innocent and faced with trivial challenges. You know these western movies….Someone is in a dilemma and all of a sudden, it appears it’s a dream. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I sigh heavily and stare blankly in to the ceiling pondering on what will be my fate.

Nana Kofi Asante. Yes, that is my name. Tall, good looking, pretty romantic and when you hear the ladies on campus whispering to themselves about that fine (stressed word) guy, always dressed in exquisitely designed clothing, you know who it is right ?. My appearance and of course flowery speech served as a catalyst for them to always land in my trap. Anyway I won’t bother you with details on that. The situation at hand is rather serious.

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Let’s face facts .In my usual playboy antics, I got into a fight with one of the ladies’’ boyfriend. That was in the night and boy oh boy, I managed to overpower him. But I had ended up to doing more harm than the defense I was trying to put up. I had hit this guy with a stick on the ground nearby to prevent further attack. That spelt my doom. I initially thought he was unconscious but it turned out he was really dead. Now I was in deep trouble and running away to my room provided with no comfort. Alas! I had murdered someone and this has rendered me restless ever since.

My own Adwoa has been infected with that horrible disease. So much of a slut she is as I call her now after I found out several men were after her and she willingly gave in to their lustful desires. However I can’t seem to push the blame on her as my promiscuity was also evident. That makes tit for tat. I wouldn’t have minded if not for the fact that Adwoa has HIV. Yes, you heard me right .Hmm .As a matter of fact she hid it from me till the day I found her medical report in her bag when I visited her. Beads of sweat formed on my face as never before as I was engulfed by fear.

Consequently, I went to the hospital to find out my status whether I tested positive or negative by the disease and as at now I’m waiting for the report from the doctor. I feel like my blood is on fire .I’m shuddering like an emaciated leaf. Finally the door opens and my heart is literally in my stomach. The test proved positive. I’m so mortified in front of the doctor I could die right now.

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My phone rings and a friend informs me the police are on a lookout for me. Now that’s reality. Do I just stab myself with a knife and leave this world or hand myself to the police and also face the stigmatization of one who has such a deadly disease. The hopes of having a bright future just came crashing down.

LIFE is hell.


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