This popular entertainment blog published a story about Stonebwoy firing warning shots at Champs bar because Bull Dog had gone there with some ‘macho men’ to seize a Benz car, allegedly given to him when Zylofon Music signed him last year. (We’ve also been told the Benz car is a personal property of Stonebwoy and that it was a Hyundai Sonata that Zylofon gave him, but we have not verified that bit of information yet).

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At the time of our first publication, we didn’t understand why Bull Dog had gone there to seize the car, which resulted in Stonebwoy firing warning shots, but we did a new story and explained that, it was because Bulldog got angry after learning that, Stonebwoy’s manager had instructed organisers of the Hilla Limann Artiste night which was held last night to take down any materials (banners, tents, etc) that had Zylofon branded on them, before Stonebwoy would step on the stage because he no longer has a contract with Zylofon.

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Now that’s shocking because although we heard that there are rumors that Stonebwoy wants to leave the label, there has not been any official statement from his side or that of Zylofon music to officially say that, they have terminated their contract.

So it’s very surprising that Blak Cedi would give such an order especially when the program was sponsored heavily by one of the sub-companies of Zylofon Media; Zylofon Cash, in a bid to promote the platform to the students.

People doubted the claim that someone asked organisers to pull down all Zylofon branded materials and asked for evidence, so now we have a video which sees the organisers taking down the Zylofon printed materials off the stage even though the show had not ended yet and some of the artistes from Zylofon Music had not performed then.

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NB: This blog does not have any special interest in Zylofon or Stonebwoy, we are an independent blog and we report what we gather, without being influenced by anyone. It’s sad so see people think we hate Stonebwoy. We love everyone, but when it comes to the business of gossips, we don’t have favorites. We write the good, the bad and the ugly side of entertainment in this country.

As a blog, we feel what Bulldog did by going there to seize the car was wrong and said that in our Bulldog-Rambo story here: Bulldog The Rambo: Warning Shots, Slaps, Macho Men All Just To Take Back A Car Given To Stonebwoy &Why Bwoy Fired Shots

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