Nicki Minaj’s Home Burgled And Here Is What We Know

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It seems burglers do not discrimate in their line of operations. Whether you are famous and idolized in the world or you just an ordinary person is certainly not their problem. As long as you have what attacts them, they will come for you.

This exactly what has happened to American rapper Nicki Minaj. Her Los Angeles home has been robbed. The robbers made away with valuables, which include  jeweleries  worth $200,000.

The Anaconda rapper has been busy with travels and various shows to which the robbers took advantage and  ransacked  her home whilst destroying furniture and perfume bottles. The incident is reported to have  occurred  this week.

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Police are hopping  surveillance  camera will help them arrest the culprits. Kevin Hart and Soulja Boy are other stars who have fallen victim to burglary and recent times.


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