Nigeria Woman Gets The Internet Buzzing After Sharing Sultry Photos Of Her Baby Bump

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The advent of the internet and its cousin, social media have ensured that we are exposed to people’s private life with just a click of a button.

Nigerian Instagram star, Christina Temitope Abiola who just gave birth to a bouncing baby girl named, Aniyah Oluwanifemi Grant has shared photos her baby bump and it’s really sultry.

She added a touching quote to the photos to reveal the motive behind her decision to go ahead with the photoshoots.

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She wrote:

“BTS Insecurity is a dangerous thing. I believe It restrains us from for filling our full potential. When it came down to shooting my maternity photos I was truly afraid. So afraid I delayed it to 38 weeks pregnant!! time was truly running out and I wanted my memories! At first I asked the photographer to try and edit the marks.

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However it was so much the edit made it look off. So I said no worries let’s do! I’ve been struggling with embracing my marks because I felt like I was the only one who’s experienced such an extreme amount. My entire belly was covered and I felt like I was doing something wrong.. I was more worried about after having her if they’d even go away and how long it would take.. but through the love and support of friends and family I feel very secure! I like to call my marks beauty marks! Because my marks represent the beautiful life I brought to the world! I honestly would do it all over again for her.”


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