Nigerian billionaire visits river to present food and drinks to gods as ritual for losing traditional seat [Photos]

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A Nigerian billionaire businessman visited the river in his village to present food and drinks to the gods as a ritual after losing one of the traditional seats.

Ayiri Emami on September 4 visited the “gods of the river” in the company of his supporters with assorted foods and drinks as a token of thanksgiving to his deity.

Ayiri, who was opposed to Tsola Emiko’s coronation as the 21st Olu of Warri, was deposed as Prime Minister of the Kingdom on September 2 during the Olu’s revalidation of chiefs.

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Well, even after losing Ayiri Emami has found every reason to visit the gods and offer sacrifice with the hope that the next time he would be chosen by them (the gods) to represent and lead his people.

Check Out Photos Below:

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