Nigerian lady renders apology to former boyfriend for falsely accusing him of domestic violence and ruining his reputation

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A woman who has been overwhelmed with guilt has now confessed and apologized to his former boyfriend for wrongly accusing him of domestic violence.

The lady identified on Twitter as @Adura_x had accused her ex, @Dondekojo of domestic violence a few weeks ago.

The lady recounted how she lied about her man physically assaulting her with a knife and tearing her dress when she confronted him about infidelity.

Reports that surfaced at the time the incident happened saw the man defending himself by saying Adura’s claim was false and requested they invested her claims over the CCTV he had installed in the house.

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However, his defense fell on deaf ears as people were quick to believe the lady’s story. However, in a tweet on Thursday, Adura tendered an apology to him and a lady she mentioned in her earlier allegation.

She wrote; ”Dear @Dondekojo, I want to apologize for falsely accusing you of domestic violence, you did not hit me and I was never harmed, I apologize for attacking you.

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I want to apologize for all the inconvenience these allegations caused you including the damage to your reputation.

I hope you accept my deepest apologies.

I would also like to apologize to Funke Onafuye for wrongly accusing her of stealing a dress.

I have since deleted all my tweets and regret the distress and inconveniences that my actions caused to you.

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