Naija man surprisingly accepts his Indian girlfriend back despite cheating on him with his best friend

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A story is presently going viral on some quarters of the internet after a Nigerian man revealed why he accepted his girlfriend back despite cheating on him with his bestie.

He ultimately noted that he could not provide for her which culminated in her action hence he accepts responsibility for her action.

Can you imagine that?

Read his account below;

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”I was in a relationship with an Indian girl in Lekki, and things had been rocky from the beginning, and she cheated on me a few months ago, which made me suicidal, but things are now back to normal. I also reconnected with her and I have forgiven her and we dating again, and I understand now that it was my fault that she cheated, I was not fulfilling her wishes.

We talked about things we want from this relationship openly and that helped me very much. She complained that she was not getting good treatment and treats from me, and that devalued her, so I have taken up a night shift to get some extra money for my princess, and I also met with her family as I insisted that she can’t hide me anymore if we continue this.

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Her family is surprisingly not racist, as I was prepared for the worst, but her father was very critical of my part time jobs. One more thing I encountered was that they keep mentioning that I am light skin compared to the rest, that felt backhanded to me but I also thank most high for this.

I have plan to propose to her in December, hopefully, I would make her my wife, and I am most thankful to my pastor who encouraged me talk and find the closure instead of being suicidal.

She had cheated on me with my own best friend, so we are doing trust building every Saturday in my church though she is not Christian, she did not complain, and for trust building we are staying in my house on Saturday and Sunday, and we have decided to not be physical till we are mentally prepared.”

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