No correct woman will change 4 schools in 4 years without consulting the father who pays the school fees! Ras Mubarak roars at his estranged wife, Rasheeda

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Ras Mubarak wife

Marriage they say is beautiful, however, one should try as much as possible to marry right else the consequences is unbearable as in the case of Ras Mubarak.

As from the look of things, Ex-MP for Kumbungu Ras Mubarak has regretted coming into this world, largely due to falling into the hands of arguably the wrong woman – Rasheeda Adams.

As we speak, Rasheeda Adams claims that Ras Mubarak is shirking his parental responsibilities especially matters concerning the education life of the kids they had together when they got married.

Consequently, Rasheeda Adams in a leaked chat described Ras Mubarak as a church rat for his failure to pay school fees worth 63k.

But in a response, Ras Mubarak claims he had no idea or whatsoever when Rasheeda changed the school of the kid adding that no sane woman will “change 4 schools in 4years without consulting or at least agreeing with the father who pays the children’s fees”.

So, it’s obvious Ras Mubarak’s failure to pay the fees is not about the cost but Rasheeda’s failure to consult him before switching schools was the causative factor.

Ras in a lengthy post also asserted that no woman perhaps of sound mind will change 4 residences in 4 years as in the case of Rasheeda.

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