“Nobody can shut me up” – Jessica Opare Saforo replies to critics who say she does not qualify to host relationship shows because she’s unmarried at 40

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"Nobody can shut me up" – Jessica Opare Saforo replies to critics who say she does qualify to host relationship shows because she's unmarried at 40

Citi FM journalist, Jessica Opare Saforo has replied to critics who have been saying she is unqualified to host and talk about relationship issues because she is still unmarried.

The 40-year-old seasoned broadcaster has intimated that she does not feel perturbed by these comments coming in from her critics…and she will not shut up or coil into her shells because of these comments.

What necessitated this reply from Jessica Opare Saforo?

Well, Jessica on Wednesday shared a photo on his Facebook page with the caption:

A woman unaffected by insults has made her enemies absolutely powerless

While many commented fondly about the photo and why they believe the quote was on point, two commenters were concerned about the fact that Jessica was still unmarried.

In fact, one Albert went ahead to demand that she expects Jessica Opare Saforo to marry with the explanation that marriage is a nice thing and that the broadcaster needs to embrace it.

Jessica Opare Saforo was not happy with the comment and came back with the unequivocal statement that even the Catholic priests are not married thus it shouldn’t be a big deal that she is still a bachelorette.

Well, the reply from Jessica immediately went viral and was shared in several Facebook groups.

Many added that they stopped watching her “Sister Sister” show on Citi TV because they feel she is not in the right position to give relationship and marriage advice while she is yet to taste it.

Others added that at 40, they do not understand why Jessica Opare Saforo has still not married despite her success.

Jessica was tagged in the comments and she immediately replied by stating that she remains unperturbed and she will continue to speak about relationship issues on her show and YouTube channel; regardless of the backlash she has been receiving for being single at age 40.

She wrote:

Someone tagged me here! only reason i’m seeing this thread. I just want to say to all those who think i have no business talking about relationships … to each his own and i’m sorry to burst your bubble but i’m not gonna stop.. So here is what….You don’t have to listen to what i have to say, neither do you have to watch any of my relationship TV shows or watch my content on my Jessica OS YouTube Channel. (Shameless Plug). www.youtube.com/jessicaos This is what you can do though. 1. Turn off the radio or TV whenever I’m on. OR 2. Create your own show to counter everything that goes on on the show. It’s really that simple. So far as people continue to reach out to me and my sisters on the show, we will share our opinions. Unfortunately, NOBODY but God can ever shut me up or prevent me from speaking my mind. THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN. So, do yourselves a favour and save your data. I will continue to do what i do with my head held high for as long as i can. I have a platform! i use it! Create your own platform AND USE IT TOO. Thanks for your time. Good evening.

Remember Jessica Opare Saforo is a Relationship coach, journalist, YouTuber, Biker, Fitness Enthusiast and many more. But Jessica Opare Saforo is still unmarried at age 40.

But is that really a big deal? Not really.

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