Nobody Loves $ex Than People With A Gap In Their Front Teeth- Twitter User

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There are several speculations surrounding people with Diastema or tooth gaps. They are said to be people of luck, descendants of a goddess, and people with unique appeal.

In some cultures, gap teeth are considered a mark of sexiness and beauty, perhaps both. What we never heard was that, they are actually extremely good when it comes to bedroom play.

A Twitter user with the handle “Miller” in a post stated that, people with diastema are usually sex addicts. Explaining his theory, he said it’s as if they are trying to pacify the existence of the gap, with a never ending orgasm. He said;

“Study says people with a gap in their front teeth are sex addicts. They can’t live without sex. It’s as if they are trying to fill the gap with orgasm”

This “study” hasn’t been proved yet, and perhaps, the person behind the tweet himself is speaking from experience.

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