Northern region men are hard to deal with- I’m sorry for making this comment, says Habiba Sianre

Actress Habiba Sinare has apologized for what she said in a viral video clip that she claimed was cut from an earlier interview about Northerners.

Her opinions were criticized as being tribalistic and partially derogatory. She claimed that certain Northerners are difficult to cope with and related how her in-laws tried to dominate her life as a young mother and wife when she married at the age of 19.

The former wife of Abdul Majeed Waris, a former Black Stars player explained that those opinions were expressed in an interview that had been shot years earlier and that the contents had trended and died down in a post on her Facebook wall that was posted late on Sunday, December 4, 2022.

She posted;

“That interview was granted a long time ago and those that are close to me figured that out. It attracted attention, discussed and abandoned. Why the bloggers chose to rehash an old story at this time, I’m unable to say,” the post read in part.

She also gave copious reasons why her views did not reflect someone who in anyway hated people from the north, as a northerner, having married from there, having a son who is a Dagomba and working with people from the north in the line of her professional and humanitarian work.

“In that same video I have spoken highly of my ex- husband and his brother. I guess you know they are Northerners. Why is that portion not trending? Maybe it’s because bad story sells and sells faster,” the post added.

Habiba weighed in on how she has worked to better integrate into the North including learing a different language before issuing an unreserved apology to persons who found her views offensive.

“I have learnt and speak my Dagbani language ( broken one though)

“For those who are genuinely piqued , I NEVER meant to insult, denigrate or stereotype any group of people and I apologize unreservedly and unconditionally.

“I misspoke and you misunderstood me. But for those who are waiting to roast me for no reason, I forgive you,” the post concluded.



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