‘Not a dime should be taken from my salary’ – Murtala Mohammed on MPs pay

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Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed, MP for Tamale Central, has suggested he would not accept a wage decrease.

According to him, the government can only lower its size and its spending in these difficult times.

He said that numerous government officials perform nothing yet are paid a lot at the end of the month.

And nobody is stealing a cent from my pay. We are urging the government to shrink. How much will the percentage reduction by the Council of State and even MPs get us out of this mess? (MPs)

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They are given computers and told to watch social media for persons who criticize the government honestly. They are paid 15,000 Ghana cedis each month. We have MCEs who were fired for non-performance who are now consultants to the Minister for Local Government.

We are pushing the government to lower its size and spend less on unnecessary items. If the government wants support, it must show necessity. Even we MPs and NPP members spend our incomes in our districts.

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We got a fourth of our MPs Common Fund for 2021. In reality, no MMDCE had a fifth of what they had in 2020 arrears. Don’t expect money for fundamental improvements in your district if you’re an MP. After wages, you’re in debt because you used the money to take care of serious issues in your district,” he remarked.

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