Now Nazir Has Something For All His Fans: Order Your Nazir Tank & Crop Tops Now

Nazir is by far the most popular fictional comedian who competes with other real comedians.

The character Nazir was created by Ace Ghanaian animator Louis Appiah aka Louicage sometime back in June 2014 and we can still remember the first episode of Nazir which shot the fictional character into the lime light.
The first episode “Call To God” was rib-cracking and everyone kept wondering who Nazir Was. It opens with the character placing a call to Heaven and asking to speak to God.
In a humorous dialogue, he says “I want to talk to the bossu”
The first episode became a sensation and after that came episode 2 which featured musician Dee Money.
There are currently 6 episodes of Nazir’s adventures dubbed “Tales Of Nazir” and the creator of the hilarious character has disclosed to that, people have been asking for something tangible they can have of Nazir.
It’s an undisputable fact that, Nazir has come to stay and people are always anxious to watch the next episode. BET Winner Sarkodie even watches Nazir and tweeted his mad  love for the character.
So now, there is something we can have of Nazir and for all ye fans of Nazir, there are now tank tops for the boys and crop tops for the girls.
The tops has different designs of Nazir printed on them and they look very beautiful. It can be worn to beaches, pool parties or even at home.
See the photos of the various designs of the Nazir tops below and reach the numbers in the banners below for your order.


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