Nurse begs Akufo Addo to construct a bridge over Ankobra River at Wasa

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The Senior Midwife at Ansondua Health Centre in the Wasa Amenfi East Municipal Assembly of the Western region has joined the calls for the Roads Ministry to build a bridge over the Ankobra River as soon as possible.

Her request comes after people in Ansondua asked the government to build a bridge over the river Ankobra so they could get from one side of the river to the other safely and easily.

People on both sides of the river, especially kids going to school, are in danger because there is no bridge.

They say that at least two people die each year trying to cross the river in canoes.

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In an interview with Oyerepa TV, a midwife named Emma said that when the river Ankobrah floods, it is hard for people from the area to cross the river to get medical care in nearby towns.

She said that health workers sent to rural areas like Ansondua should be given more incentives.

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Isaac Kwasi Ennim, who used to be an Assemblymember for Ansondua and is now a Government Appointee at the Wasa Amenfi East Municipal Assembly, said that his people also deserve a piece of the national cake for what they have done to help the country grow.

Because of this, the government needs to build a bridge over the river as soon as possible to make travel easier and safer.

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