Obi Cubana Gives Young People Tips On How To Be Successful Like Him Without Stressing

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Nigerian socialite and businessman Obi Cubana has given tips to young people on how they they can become successful without struggling a lot.

He advised the youth to be honest in all their dealings and have integrity in all they do.

Read his full advice below;

“Dear Youth!!

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Today let’s talk about “The power to open doors”
So, in the course of life journey, a lot of “doors” seem impossible to be accessed because they are “shut”
Meanwhile, those “doors” also are way too easy for some people to open!
Now here is the trick!!!
People must need people to be able to transact their businesses, people must need people to be able to exist!!!
No business grows without people, so we all need people in our lives!
No “door” is actually really shut because of u, but shut “doors” can be opened effortlessly by you depending on how u go about life.
People shut their “doors” to the world because they also need to protect themselves from disappointments, being taken advantage of, being taken for granted, for security…..etc!
A lot of people have been given opportunities and access to people, and they messed it up in such irredeemable ways that others may be denied same opportunities.
To open some seemingly shut “doors” you must let your yes be yes!
You should try as much as possible to bring integrity to the table as your powerful tool of negotiation and access to shut “doors”
You may disappoint people thinking you may not need them anymore, only to realise that you still need them in the future!
The world is really a small place……
Have an amazing week ❤️


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