Obinim Says Chopping Down His Junior Pastor’s Wife Was A Good Thing + His Church Members Sees Him As Jesus Christ| Read His Reasons

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You must have heard it when news broke out that, the man of God Bishop Daniel Obinim had chopped down the wife of his own Junior pastor some years ago.

Obinim could be tagged as the most controversial pastor ever in Ghanaian history.

He had attacked a radio station in Accra when the panel sat on air to discuss the news of him chopping down the wife of his junior pastor. The case ended up in court after the attack and is still in court, so we wouldn’t talk much about it.
Obinim was the guest on Delay’s Show last Friday which airs on Viasat 1 and he made some astonishing revelations. In the interview, he told the host of the show that, he is glad that he went through that experience not because he is happy he did it, but then he realised that he was human and not perfect.
He started to minister at an early age of 16 and by the time he was 20, he had established his own church and had the anointing of God on him. He performed several miracles and by an early age of 22, he had been fully established, owning 4 cars, 2 houses and making a decent income, something most young people about his age in Ghana would never earn.
He said “My church members thought I was even an angel, because I was too powerful and by my works, some of them even thought I was next to Jesus”
I believe I went through that situation, which I accept that It is sin, just to prove to people that, I am human and not perfect and that I was fallible”
“I felt bad about it and when I walked out of it, I fasted and prayed to God for forgiveness. I even cried and asked God, why he made me fall for that temptation, but then I think it was to prove that I am not perfect”
Watch his interview with Delay on “The Delay Show” below


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