Ofankor Landlord Who Killed Tenant Not In Prison – Victim’s Father ​Claims

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Joseph Kwabena Manu Okyere, father of the late Benjamin Agyare who was shot and killed by his landlord at Ofankor has disclosed to the Abeka District Court that after the family’s investigations, they have found that Stephen Nana Kankam, the landlord who murdered their beloved was not in custody per the court’s order.

The court ordered that Stephen be remanded into custody and should not be brought to court following COVID-19 protocols.

However, Mr Okyere recounted that;

“We were told the accused won’t appear in court because of COVID, but follow ups by the family after a month showed he was remanded into Nsawam Prison but he cannot be found there.

Mr Okyere further told the court that, they have visited Ankaful Prison twice and both times, they did not find the accused there.

He explained to the court that he finds it troubling because; “When the incident occurred, the suspect’s mother said at the police station that, her son will never spend a day in prison and we have a feeling that is exactly what is happening.”

The court, however, urged the father of the deceased not to be disappointed as they will ensure that the registrar will follow up on the matter.

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